What can you use instead of a mousepad?

A mousepad, such simple a simple object can make your life so easy. If you are like me, you can’t imagine using a mouse without a mousepad. But what if yours, just like mine, became worn out? We got to look for alternatives, even for the short term, so you can enjoy the best browsing, working, or gaming experience. This guide aims to give you an idea of what common, household items you can use instead of a mousepad. Feel free to improvise 🙂

Cardboard and paper mousepad alternatives

Because of its texture, cardboard is a perfect, widespread available, mousepad alternative. It’s big enough, can be cut to fit your needs, you can get from just about everywhere.

A file folder

cardboard paper folder as mousepad alternative

Most of us already have one laying around at home, you can use a paper folder as a mousepad very easy, just make sure to fill it up with paper so it won’t move. Some tips about this:

  • Make sure it is a cardboard or paper made folder, they work like a charm;
  • Avoid the following folders:
    • Plastic folders, as they are glossy and your mouse will slip;
    • Blinders for example or any other folders that are not flat;
    • Any folder that is unequal in size.

Plain paper

Regular printing paper is a great mouse pad alternative. Not only it has a better adherent surface than your desk, but it is also big enough to successfully replicate a mousepad. If you are interested in the standard paper sizes both international and North American, I invite you to read our guide in common sizes of things. Letter/printer sized paper works best, I advise you to put a minimum of 3 papers to get better adherence.

Cardboard from boxes

I am sure that everyone has some Amazon boxes collecting dust around their home. Why not put them to good use? Grab some scissors and make yourself a mousepad, just make sure to cut as close to perfection as possible, try drawing a straight line with a pencil first so you can follow it.

Hardcover books and magazines

hardcovered books as mousepad alternatives

As long as the book is not too big and bulky (so don’t use The DaVinci Code), it should work fine. Also, make sure that you’ll use this only as a temporary replacement as the sweat from your hands may damage the book. We don’t want just about any book, it would be ideal to avoid:

  • surfaces that are uneven or bumpy, this includes books with craved covers;
  • glossy book covers or magazines.




Other mousepad alternatives

Duct tape is a great alternative. You can use it in combination with a cardboard piece for better stability. Make the cardboard your desired size, wrap it with duct tape on only one side, and there you go.

Your skin might work as well. Place the mouse on your leg and try to use it. Does it work? Do you like the feel? If yes, keep using it.

A piece of cloth may work, but it has to be long enough not to roll up when used, alternatively you may improvise with duct tape to keep it still.

A metal plate, one that you use for eating, is a good mousepad alternative as it’s adherent and big enough. The only problem might be the edges, make sure you won’t cut yourself.

My favorite home alternative to a mousepad is the paper folder. I like to use it and I recommend you give it a try first, even though now I have a good quality mousepad, if it breaks, good, the old paper folder will replace it.